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We have implemented SDWAN for our client who previously had a lot of security issues, delayed transmission of data and frequent outages. Here is how we smoothly transformed to a cloud-first solution .

We have managed solution to be as a flagship for your agility and scalability requirements though our WAN, Sase and PRO packages.

Oh my God! User requirements are changing, the world is evolving, companies require new locations, remote operations, expansion cost reductions, secure platform to store data and all of this in real-time without having a bottleneck in their day-to-day work. This is what we help companies achieve using our managed services.


Our Secret Sauce Approach to SD-WAN

WAN networks have a lot of problem including reliability, location, terrible support system, very basic and static private network designs. On top of all this, legacy WANs are not good to convert to public cloud-based IT infrastructure. SDWAN has overcome all these problems, but right partner like us can help you deploy these solutions effectively.

WAN from our company is customised and fully managed 24/7 by our in-house team NOC to deliver an integrated cloud-ready enterprise WAN solution tailored for your business needs. SD-WAN has emerged as the most preferred methodology to connect with data centres, branch offices, cloud and work from anywhere users over any geographic location in the world. With SD-WAN, we move more of the network control into user’s hands leveraging the cloud allowing for simpler, more flexible, and scalable network control.

Benefits of SD-WAN
  • Increasing Network Performance WAN’s automatic network remediation identifies network problems and routes around them before users ever notice issues, this helps in less network downtime and quick remedies that affect their productivity of your employees/clients. SD-WAN also affords using all connections actively instead of waiting on standby like the other methods, thereby it gets the most out of all available connectivity.
  • Greater Network Resilience Leveraging multiple connections simultaneously prevents costly downtime. Failover due to network “brownout” or complete blackout across a carrier network connection is sub-second if alternate connection options are available.
  • Cost Reduction Eliminating expensive dedicated MPLS links where possible brings telecom costs down, allowing IT budgets to be used for emerging projects such as cloud initiatives.
  • Network Monitoring & Visibility Inherent in SD-WAN is network performance measurement and monitoring. Due to this, the reporting of overall network performance inside of the WAN solution is robust and detailed.
  • WAN Remediation WAN Remediation consists of automatic link monitoring, auto detection of provider and auto-configuration of link characteristics, routing and QOS settings.
  • SD-WAN is perfectly built for the cloud suited for connectivity to cloud applications and optimizing traffic to them.

As we enter a new era for connectivity, securing the network wherever users access it is no longer optional, it’s a requirement and this is mandatory. People are moving away from data centres to public hosted clouds for safety, scaling, branches and expansion of the business.

Market analysts have finally named the means to handle secure connectivity across such a broad-spectrum Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in 2019. SASE is a network architecture that combines next generation WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions like secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, firewalls, and zero-trust network access. Our company has been leveraging & deploying these types of solutions since founding the company.

Benefits of SASE
  • Secure Connectivity from Anywhere -SASE enables users to securely connect to corporate resources no matter where they are located be it in the office, on the road or working from home.
  • Identity Driven - With identity-based access controls, one can classify and contextualize users, devices and groups then set appropriate application access level to accommodate the strictest security needs for confidential data as well as access controls.
  • Securing Internet and Cloud Access -SASE affords the functionality to create well defined security policy at the edge and in the cloud to defend against the worst cyber threats and also aligned with industry standard requirments.
  • Cost Reduction - Leveraging SASE helps reduce costly layers of complexity from managed routers to firewalls and user access gateways to collapse them into a Secure Network as a Service (SNaaS) model.
  • Built for the Cloud - SASE is perfectly suited for securing access to cloud applications and optimizing traffic to them.

PRO will help resolve the network issues that have been tormenting you. We love making the network into the solid foundation it should be because that is what brings strength to any system.

Our PRO professional network consulting process embodies a consultative and collaborative approach. We Start with an in-depth physical and logical network evaluation, we create an inventory of what is in place, how it is implemented and what needs to be done to meet your objectives for present and future success of your business. We pair this with an analysis of the current service state to narrow down the changes to implement.

Without this, it will be riskier for the business as the process can be complicated, overwhelming and time consuming. Balance and simplicity are what we look for as a success factor.

Our Core Competencies
  • Complex Switching/Routing Design, Architecture design & Deployment.
  • Comprehensive Firewall Policy Review, Configuration & Implementation as per industry standards.
  • Deployment of Automated, Orchestrated & API Driven Software Driven Networks with tools like Ansible and Python.
  • Managed & Professional SD-WAN Services.
  • Managed & Professional SASE Services.
  • Detailed Round the Clock Network Monitoring & Reporting.
Ways We Engage
  • PRO AdHoc - Hourly Time & Materials Rate.
  • PRO Block - Blocks of Consulting Time.
  • PRO Managed - Fully managed network services.
  • Includes a response SLA.
  • Includes network monitoring that our in house team manages and uses for remote access.
  • 24/7 support.

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